DeLorean porn I wrote in around 1998

Often, I hear people say “Oh, man, what am I going to do without my DeLorean? I have to have one now, but I can’t!” Well, to help you out, here is a DeLorean experience!
Well, you have just got the OK for a loan from your bank, and your looking to spend some money, and buy what you’ve always wanted, a brand new DeLorean (lets just say its 1983) So, you drive to your local DeLorean dealership. The sight amazes you, you have never seen so many DeLoreans (its a BIG dealership) and you can’t choose which one to buy, 1981, '82 or '83, and then you have to choose black or grey interior color!
You flip through your DeLorean brochure, and read more about this car.
But finaly you make up your mind, and go with one. So, you reach down, for the first time to your brand new DeLorean, the stainless steel shimmering, glowing in the bright sunlight. You grasp the handle, integrated into the sporty stripe running along your car. The instant you pull in the slightest, the presure assisted gullwing door rises effortlesly, and you gaze in wonder as the new sight greets you, the interior. The new car smell of metal, mixed with plastic and leather wafts into your face, then you sit, lowering yourself into the leather bucket seats. They fit you like a glove, and you realize how much headroom there really is, despite the incredibly low look. You become relaxed, you have seen pictures, but nothing ever compares to the real thing.
You look around happily, at the spacious interior, at the easy to read instrument cluster, and then a little to the right (or left if it’s European) to see the center console, with extensive buttons, tracks and dials, all there to comfortably customize your ride in the car.
Then, you realize that you’ve only looked in front of you, you have not seen the rear of the cab, so you look, lowering the seat beside you. You see a small interior cargo hold, complete with net to keep you valuables from sliding around, of course this is just secondary to the trunk, with spare tyre in it’s own compartment underneath
Then, you decide that you actually want to DRIVE the car, so you fish the stylish black DMC keys out of your pocket, and click them into the ignition slot, and you turn it, the key tugs slightly, but the effect is the instant start up of the PRV V6 engine , which half hums, and half whirrs, all of the components spinning, rising, and falling flawlesly.
The cab is filled with the comfortably low sound of the engine, and you shift into reverse, and you ease out of it’s previous home, the dealership, ready to hit the open road, and you realize once you shift into 1st gear, then second and third how quick and stiff the transmision feels, giving the car an even more sporty feel then you already have, which is immense, the engine behind the rear wheels pushing down on the road, adding incredible traction, not leting you get loose in the turns, the sporty suspension evening out the road’s imperfections. You soon feel the full potetial of this car in 5th gear, whizing along at near 130 mph. (lets say there are no cops in this world…) and you approach your house/apartment/studio/condo. but you’re just having too much fun with your DeLorean, so you drive, and drive, and drive. The fun never ends with your DeLorean, because even if you break any component (which is very unlikely) then you can just take it to DeLorean-1 to get it fixed!

The End